Better sheet metal processing – The Schröder Group is committed to the task of providing high quality and efficient procedures in the production of sheet metal products. From the manual cutting machine to the fully automatic industrial folding center, they offer solutions for everyone who works with sheet metal.


The hand-operated long folding machine is a combinable, modular folding machine from Schröder: In a few simple steps two or more folding machines can be connected to one long folding machine.

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The segment folding machine type ASK 3 ist the new manual folding machine of the 3rd generation. It is the versatile solution for sheet metal processing in workshops and on the construction site. Alongside the standard equipment such as the patented quick clamping device with eccentric this new version of the ASK has optionally a muti-stage clamping-beam drive for four different tool heights or rather up to 180 mm free space at the clamping beam, up to 120 mm at the the bottom beam and up to 142 mm at the folding beam. The clearances for tools expand the product range tremendously and increase flexibility.

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