Our Values


OPEN MINDED - Keeping ahead of the game

INDEPENDENT - Guiding new directions and best practice

CAN DO ATTITUDE - Being Proactive and Providing Solutions

HONESTY - Doing the right things... right tool for the job

About us

Martin Beskid, a Swiss qualified Spengler (Sheet Metal Worker / Tinsmith), moved to New Zealand in 2009. His vision was to introduce traditional roofing tools to the New Zealand market, enabling roofing contractors to save money with time-tested, high quality products.

In 2010 Martin and Alexandra Beskid established their company, Fribesco. The name is now familiar with a growing number of roofers because, in addition to the range of European tools and products in its portfolio, Fribesco offers tool box sessions and training. Martin demonstrates the effectiveness of the tools, what they are used for and their range of capabilities.

Until a few years ago, traditional tools, used in the roofing trade for the past 150 years, were not readily available in New Zealand,  therefore inefficient tools were used for the jobs. Martin: “With most clients we have an initial meeting, followed by a toolbox session and a demonstration of the various tools in the Fribesco range. We figured out very quickly that customers need to know the capability and function of each tool with hands-on workshops to demonstrate best practice and using the appropriate tool for the job”.

What’s the value in a one-on-one training using the best tools? Martin says it answers the following most important question ‘How can I do it best and why do I have to do it this way?’ New installation techniques pop up on the market on a regular basis with new products coming on stream challenging roofing installers – Fribesco is cutting edge and up to speed on new developments in the industry and provides best practice tools and products.