Success Story Part II: „THE NEW“ PowerBend Professional is our revised folding machine with even more flexible application possibilities. It is the professional solution for thin sheet metal processing and continous operation in large workshops, mid-sized companies and the industry.

New features:

  • Clamping beam stroke 500 mm for product heights up to 250 mm
  • 2 servo drives for continous commuting of the folding beam for Up and Down
  • Servo-controlled folding beam adjustment
  • More precise and faster positioning of the rotation point, servo-controlled
  • Safety package Plus
  • LED status display
  • Energy-efficient drives according to IE3
  • Optimized for industry 4.0
  • Prepared interface to product handling systems
  • Completely new machine design and swivelling panel

Software control

  • POS 2000 Professional graphic control on swivelling arm
  • Radius function
  • Remote maintenance

Clamping beam

  • Clamping beam stroke 500 mm
  • Clamping beam geometry 48° or 180°
  • Drive: 2 x 2,2 kW (65 mm/sec) axis with recirculated ball screws
  • Axis inclination of the clamping beam
  • Hydraulic tool clamping device for clamping beam (WZS 2000)

Folding beam

  • Drive: 2 × 3.0 kW (converter-controlled, 85°/sec)
  • Pneumatic tool clamping device for folding beam (WZS 15100)
  • Motorized folding beam adjustment 80 mm
  • Motorized folding center adjustment +80/- 20 mm
  • Central crowning device, motorized


  • Foot switch
  • Anchor plates incl. dowels
  • Standard machine without folding- and clamping beam tools
  • LED status display
  • Bottom beam blade, ca. 1100 N/mm² surface-hardened (nitrated), one piece with finger grooves, minimum gauge 10 mm

Technical Data