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Testimonial - Aero-Lift Cladman

Recently, the Aero-Lift Cladman was purchased for the installation of a 24m long 150mm thick insulated panel roof. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the machine and its capability, and the service from Fribesco was amazing. Martin from Fribesco flew up to Hamilton to check over the machine and to teach staff how to use it correctly and safely. With the Aero-Lift Cladman we were able to install the 900m2 of insulated roof panel in a day and a half with a small crew. 


Great quality gear and expert advice with follow up/after sales support. 

Nick Phillips

Flashpro Roofing


Fantastic course, great skills & teacher, very easy to get along with and understand.


Highly recommend the Fribesco module 1 course for anyone looking to get into  standing seam roofing. The Fribesco team has a huge amount of experience to give with ongoing support.Fribesco truly believe in sharing and expanding their Knowledge of this mastercraft roofing.. and huge thumbs up to the Fribesco support team the food and smiles


Thanks once again for the time and effort that went into your course. The knowledge gained is invaluable and I am excited to continue learning the techniques taught on the course. I am also very much looking forward to the cladding course.

James Chamberlain

JC Construction

Testimonial - TBS 100

A recent purchase was a portable site folder TBS 100. This has been a game changer for the team. Initially brought for a large standing seam job to fold ends of sheets, we now find the team using it on site weekly. On a recent project - the roof had 15 square roof ducts to come through the roof. Most of the flashings were under 1200mm . We craned up the flat sheets, installed the roof, then went straight on to installing the flashings for the roof penetrations. Eliminating the lead time on custom-made flashings manufactured in a warehouse, and installing the flashings straight after the roof meant no more water got into the build and sped the whole process up. 

Testimonial - TBS 100/125

We made the investment over the years into the machines and would never look back, Prior to the TBS we would use hand rollers and tools, this still works with care but if you want to speed up your prep work and have crisp lines then I recommend any of the TBS site folders. These are just handy having on site to fold up chimney crickets or that more detailed flashing system. Having the correct tools and machines give you confidence going into any tray project knowing your company can deliver the finish in which is expected installing bespoke high-profile projects. 

Testimonial - Ultimate Brackets

We had started a standing seam Re-Roof back in early 2021, Our team was working with a 40- degree roof pitch under a tent in mid-summer. The task was near of installing the ridging from harness equipment, that’s when we got in touch with Martin at Fribesco for some solutions. Two weeks later we had the Ultimate Brackets turn up to site which allowed us to pressure clip the stands to the seam of the tray and run Scaffolding planks between creating a platform. This made the job flow very well for our team and saved us days in labour. We also use these a lot for flashing skylights and any steep tray roofs where a platform is required. These are handy for all trades to use when working with standing seam roofs.