QEST Quantity Estimator provides a world-class, cost-effective and easy to use estimation process for your business.  The main features of the software are as outlined below:


QEST Quantity Estimator’s monthly cost of $30USD is affordable and ensures it fits nicely within any budget.


The software is super-easy to use.  So easy, your mum can use it!  Import an image, set the scale and trace. Self-train in minutes and quickly produce material lists.

Now anyone within your business can be a professional estimator, freeing you up to work 'on' the business, rather than for it.  Training provided!


Set and forget or change as required on the fly.

The software calculates the area or length of panels, shingles, tiles, boards, flashings, pavers, bricks or anything you require for flat or sloping planes.  The customizing of materials provide complex estimates with all your parts and pieces simultaneously.

Multiple Units of Measurement

You can work in metres, mm, feet and inches or any combination of these in the one job.

Ready To Go

Numerous settings have been created for Roofing, Walling, Flooring and Insulation business's.  Electricians, Plumbers and Landscapers and many other construction companies can easily use the software. Settings can be quickly customized to suit your business needs.


The software already links to Trade Trak, a professional Job Management tool for managing sub-contractors and installation/building schedules.  Our XML and CSV outputs can also be utilised to link into other systems, or we can write an integration to your preferred job management, accounting or ERP system.

Professional Reporting

The software allows you to set up customized reporting templates within Microsoft Word. The product can be used to generate unlimited reports for $30USD a month.  This allows you to estimate all aspects of project with QEST Quantity Estimator session.


Multi-lingual companies, such as large multi-nationals will benefit from the software’s ability to display any number of languages. 


Import files and images or outputs from other software.

Paste from Clipboard
Multi-page PDF files
Images in most formats (BMP Files, TIF Files, JPG Files, PNG File)

Runs on Windows & Mac

It runs on either Windows or Mac.  You can send files and reports between Windows and Mac without the need to reformat.