The versatile solution for lean sheet metal forming in locksmith, maintenance, and plumber workshops

Software control

  • Nano Touch control mounted on swivel arm
  • Radius function

Clamping beam

  • Clamping beam stroke 350 mm (325 mm with manual clamping device)
  • Clamping beam orientation 48°
  • Middle motor clamping beam drive: 3.0 kW (controlled through contactors, 20 mm/sec, trapezoidal spindle)
  • Manual tool clamping device for clamping beam and folding beam

Folding beam

  • Dual folding beam drive: 2 × 2.2 kW (controlled through contactors, 48°/sec)
  • Manual folding beam adjustment 80 mm

Back gauge

  • Motorized back gauge up to 1000 mm, pneumatic pop up gauge fingers, sheet support table with balls, recirculated ball screws


  • Foot switch
  • Anchor plates incl. dowels
  • Standard machine without folding- and clamping beam tools
  • Bottom beam blade, ca. 1100 N/mm², one piece (minimum gauge 10 mm)

Technical Data