AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 with production headquarters in Geislingen-Binsdorf, Zollernalbkreis, Germany. The company specializes in vacuum lifting and transport technology.   «Applied quality awareness supported by technical quality management ensures the high quality of our products.» All AERO-LIFT vacuum lifting devices comply with the latest safety regulations according to EN13155.

Handling of panels for roof and wall

The CLAD-BOY® handles panels for roofs and walls. It works with maximum efficiency and safety and ensures higher customer satisfaction due to undamaged goods in transit. You save time, manpower and annoying rework. Also your employees work ergonomically. The CLAD-BOY® can be used anywhere, independent of the mains supply and is extremely compact. The CLAD-BOY® is ideal for mounting roof panels, fire protection elements, trapezoidal sheet metal and wall elements, both vertically and horizontally - the vacuum lifter can be configured for all variants.

The CLAD-MAN® handles really heavy panels on roofs and walls. Safe, faster, stronger. The talent for XXL tasks on the construction site! Only one basic unit is sufficient to lay roof and wall elements weighing up to 800 kg and 26 m in length with various configurations. This saves time, manpower and your employees work ergonomically correct. The CLAD-MAN® can be used anywhere, independent of the mains and is extremely compact. A dual-circuit vacuum, safety system, electronic monitoring of both suction circuits and a form-fit holding device ensure a high level of safety when used on construction sites.

The AERO STANDARD VACUUM LIFTER handles horizontal transport. The standard series are suitable for horizontal transport of panel materials such as sheet metal, plastic panels, coated wooden panels or glass panes with up to 2000 kg load capacity. Processing machines can be loaded and unloaded without damage. 

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