Multitalent in the handling of panels for roof and wall

The CLAD-BOY® works with maximum efficiency and safety and ensures higher customer satisfaction due to undamaged goods in transit. You save time, manpower and annoying rework. Your employees work ergonomically. The CLAD-BOY® can be used anywhere, independent of the mains supply and is extremely compact. The CLAD-BOY® is ideal for mounting roof panels, fire protection elements, trapezoidal sheet metal and wall elements, both vertically and horizontally - the vacuum lifter can be configured for all variants. It is a flexible battery powered panel lifter for all construction site.


Features of the CLAD-BOY®

  • One basic device, countless application possibilities
  • Up to 300 kg load capacity
  • Up to 18 meter long transport goods
  • 90° turnable main traverse
  • Individually adjustable suction plates
  • Flexibly applicable for wall and roof mounting, horizontal and vertical
  • Extremely robust construction


Applications for the CLAD-BOY®

The flexible vacuum lifter for the construction site is ideal for applications such as:

  • Assembly of roof panels or trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Assembly of wall panels or facade elements
  • Lay horizontally, vertically or diagonally
  • Installation sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Installation of all kinds of different panel materials
  • Construction sites with very different laying tasks
  • Safe and ergonomic handling of panels

The 90° rotating main beam allows the laying of panels on roofs and walls horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The robust device is also ready for use in humid weather, as all components are designed to meet the toughest requirements.


Additional safety for transported goods and users is provided by the safety belts, which can be used in any position.

Individually adjustable traverse and suction plate combinations allow different transport goods.

All attachments are safely stowed away in the optional transport frame and can be easily transported.

The transport of workpieces is supported by safety belts and the flexibly mounted suspension.

The suction plates with a special seal provide the necessary holding power to transport goods with confidence.

Other special features:

  • Battery powered vacuum generation with long runtimes
  • Automatic power saving through electronic vacuum monitoring
  • Extremely robust design of all components for high demands
  • Fast and flexible changeover through simple mechanisms