Decoiler on wheels, reference DVS1000, for 1000mm wide coils, maximum load 1200kg. Equipped with hub for manual mandrel expansion, from 285 to 540mm diameter. With brake and rewinding device

  • Manual brake and crank on the same side
  • Possible side loading
  • Rewinding function without action onto the hub expander
  • Uncoiling from the top or the bottom

Standard equipment:

  • Equipped with 4 rotating wheels with brake
  • 2 Reinforcing and stabilizing cyclinders
  • Wheel axes mounted on roller bearing
  • Manual mandrel expansion from 285 to 540mm Ø
  • Maximum outer diameter of coil 1000mm

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  • Product Features:

  • Maximum width of the coil:  1000 mm
  • Maximum load by coil:   1200 kg
  • Maximum external diameter:   1000 mm
  • Internal diameter of the coil:   285 mm to 540 mm
  • Dimensions (L x l x h):  1550 mm x 800 mm x 760 mm
  • Net weight:  126 kg
  • Net weight of one expanding hub:  77 kg