Schlebach Maschinen GmbH is a large well established European based enterprise with of a staff of 80 people with a corporate philosophy of “One source to cover all your needs”.
This company’s forte is specialising in production of high quality assured metalworking machines that facilitate the professional roof and wall applications and have been in production since 1978. An abundance of knowledge allows them to assist with creation, to development and implementation, service options and as advisory to the industry as a whole.
There innovation of new design & applications, diverse profiles, shaping panels and extensive knowledge of roof and wall cladding make them as the experts in their field. Several of their profiles comprising of their Standing Seam, Nail Strip Systems and Sofit Panels have developed as an industry norm in Europe and in fact around the world.

Metal offers a variety of possibilities for these applications and techniques. And this is precisely where Schlebach machines set the criteria ensuring a user-friendly, precise and powerful machine to meet any requirements, with supreme performance along with superiority values.


QTAR 125 - Cut-to-length line

Automatic cut-to-length line for metal strips.
Designed for flexible, precise and burr free cutting of wide metal strips, for the cost-effective
storage of metal sheets, reduction of waste based on the optimised utilization
of wide metal strip, reduction of the material acquisition cost by the
utilization of large coils, one-man operation.


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