Workshop manual bending machine possible without electrical connection 

The HBM is a economic alternative in the higher performance class of manual bending machines.
Wear and maintenance-free bearings and guides.


  • Working length: 3,100mm
  • Steel 400N/mm² capacity: 1.00mm
  • Aluminum 250N/mm² capacity: 1.50mm
  • Stainless steel 600N/mm² capacity: 0.80mm
  • Copper 300N/mm² capacity: 1.25mm
  • Zinc 150N/mm² capacity: 2.50mm
  • Length: 3,848mm
  • Depth (machine only): 828mm
  • Total height: 1,265mm
  • Clamping beam opening height: 130mm
  • Weight (HBM 310): 1,300kg

Standard accessories:

  • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1 mm, offset, 66/24 mm for clamping beam.
  • 1 insert rail each 68/10 mm and 68/24 mm for bending beam.
  • 1 support grid.
  • 1 foot pedal

Support grid with lateral back gauge – precise positioning of large-format workpieces.
Snap-in bending angle – precise.
Repeatable bending for small series and recurring single-piece production.
Lots of free space on bending beam - profiles with long limbs made easy.
All profile and insert rails can be exchanged on clamping, lower and bending beams - the right rail for every material.
Simple bending beam adjustment with scale.

Optional accessories:

  • Roller shear RS or RSL - The weight balance of the roller shear is achieved by a gas spring and double pipe guide.
  • Manual back gauge 750mm with support grid and swiveling fingers.
  • Manual BV back gauge 750mm - front operated.
  • Beading roller with rolling rods - can be attached directly to the machine.
  • Tap wrench for HBM 310.
  • Different rails.