HA-310 and HA-400 are manual workshop bending machine specially designed for thick sheets and long working lengths. Excellent alternatives to the motor-operated folding machines in their capacity range.

The part is led through upper and lower bar and lower bar is closed vertically either with a foot pedal or with two handles on each side of the machine, so the piece doesn't slide forwards being clamped and the accuracy is preserved. The upper beam clamping pressure can be adjusted on each side of the machine separately. The upper beam can be opened to approx. 100mm with a handle on each side of the machine.

  • For long and thick sheets in extensive exterior construction, particularly flat-roof construction.
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Robust, no frills, extremely sturdy and powerful
  • One-man operation without force
  • Ideal for repair jobs
  • Bending rails can be exchanged - set to any material
  • Work piece clamping with large foot pedal enables hands-free operation for triggering bending and a high level of operational safety

Standard equipment:

  • 1 sharp rail 20°, radius 1mm, offset, 66/24mm for clamping beam
  • 1 insert rail each 68/10mm and 68/24mm for bending beam
  • 1 support grid
  • 1 foot pedal

Optional Accessories:

  • Roller shear RSL - the weight balance of the roller shear is achieved by a gas spring and double pipe guide
  • Manual back gauge 750mm with support grid and swiveling fingers
  • Different rails 
  • Goats foot tooling 93mm for clamping beam- the bending capacity is 50% below the specified machine performance