IMAC Italia, property of Lodesani & Carreri Srl, is an historical Italian leader company in the field of production of machines for sheet metal industry that you can find on the global market.
Founded in 1973, IMAC Italia designs, develops, produces and sells traditional and CNC fabricating machine tools like Notchers, Bevellers, Punching machines, Shears and Press Brakes. The long-time experience of its own technicians and the continuous studies and internal development, allow to the Staff IMAC a constant improvement and innovation of quality of its own products.
IMAC Italia produces technological state-of-the-art machines but at the same time very easy to use.
The IMAC Italia’s machines are designed in order to respect the requests and personalized need of each customer with the goal of supporting and associate with him during all its competitive challenges in the market.





The variable angle notching IMAC Italia by Lodesani & Carreri Srl’s machines are equipped with:

Oleo dynamic working through two cylinders.
An absolute rigidity of the notching group is provided by lateral columns and by a central guide.
A large and rigid working table with directional triple functions engraved brass scales for measuring the various types of notches.
Squaring guides equipped with 3 reference holes .
A head configuration allowing cuts longer than the blade length.
Blade holder sector blocking through five cylinders and a safety device preventing the machine from any movement when the blades are released.
Slots with brass scales on the working table to enable the operator to use disappearing references and to obtain complex notching.
A cutting zone protection sheet in Polycarbonate that gives you uninhibited sight of the working area while assuring your maximum safety.
Fixed adjustment of the upper and lower blades with rectified guides in order to guarantee parallel movements among the blades.
Internal stroke to turn the notching machine into a small shearing machine in order to get straps with a maximum length of 200 mm (optional)
Swarf collecting box.


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CB25 30° Bevelling

The beveller CB 25 IMAC by Lodesani & Carreri Srl is a portable model of strong construction whose transport is facilitated by its size and low weight.

It can work fixed on a work table or directly at the edge of the large sheet metal, so that it can be automatically advanced through the cutter, until the end of processing, without any intervention by the operator.

The maximum depth of the bevel at 30 ° is 25 mm in more passages than on iron sheet.

It can also work both upright and upside down, supported by a bridge crane or mounted on a special carriage (accessory) that can be used to move it and to support it while working on long, heavy and large pieces.

You can make bevels on various angles simply by changing a roller kit (accessory) according to the different works to do.


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