The next generation for innovative coil processing.

Markets are subject to permanent change.

In sheet metal forming, this also leads to ever-higher complexity of products and processes. The efficient production of blanks for profiles and flashings requires effective, highly flexible and user-friendly solutions.

Slinet combines the best quality with easy use with the highest flexibility and automation.

The modular system contains 3 modules with a flexible setting. The cut-to-length unit SLINET S 1.5 allows precise cuttings with the lowest setup time. With its fully automated up to 8 knives setting, the SLINET S 1.5 allows an automated adjustment for slitting.

The cross-cut is made by a new innovative roll knife. The automated 4-roll straightening unit can add to the system. The next module can be added is the fully automated coil storage system.

SLINET ASCO HOMEPAGE                                                                                                              SLINET ASCO BROCHURE       


With it is up to 8 knives automated knife adjustment the production of blanks for profiles and flashings can be made fast and easy without manual knife adjustment.


Thanks of the innovative clamping system the knifes can be locked and positioned perfectly.


The optional brick cutting allows the optimal setting of orders within the coil by having minimum waste strips.


The cross cut is made by a roll knife. This cut will not be made from the top as usual. The industry innovation of SLINET allows the cross cut from bottom up. This innovation eliminates scratches which occurs during material handling as the small grade goes up not down.


The automated straightening unit can be ordered optional. Done by 4 rolls this unit can switch between convex and concave automated.



With the optional barcode label printer, you can network your production and minimize the risk of errors. Information such as the profile name or the order number can be placed arbitrarily and individually on the label. With the office software, a barcode can also be printed on the label which will allow the barcode scanner on the folding machine to open a profile directly. Not only profile characteristics (blank width, k-factor, taper values) but also parameters such as the crowning or the bending sequence defined in the office are thus automatically transferred with the barcode. The application of up to 9 labels is also very efficient. While the metal sheet is coming out, the labels are placed by means of a conveyor belt. When the sheet stops to cut it to length, up to 9 labels are then adhered to the respective strips at the same time. This makes for a very efficient system.


In order to produce small batch sizes optimally and effectively, several orders can be combined and the cut can be optimized, with the help of the Slinet Optimizer. With the optional partial cutting function, various lengths and widths of multiple jobs can be automatically optimized and cut with minimal waste. The optimization can be done in several ways.

  • The information (quantity, material, width, and length) is transferred from the office software. In addition, the bending sequence and conical dimensions can also be imported via barcodes.
  • Manual optimization via list input if there is no networked software.
  • Optimization takes place after the profiles have been transferred by third-party software (Bendex, NuIT, Sema)

Thus, the optimizer ensures flexible use across a wide range of software solutions. Networked manufacturing reduces the risk of errors and increases profitability.

Fully automatic 2 ton coil storage system

Slinet stands for the next generation of innovative coil processing.

Dynamic coil storage system – flexible to the requested requirements!

An industry innovation is the dynamic coil storage system by SLINET which is different than all existing systems on the market.

In standard the system is made for eight 2 tone coils. The difference is that the storage system of SLINET does not work with fix stations for each coil. The storage system works dynamic. By using each individual outside diameter of each coil the storage system positions the coils not on a fixed station. It optimizes the space automatically. On the same space up to 10 coils can be stored. The storage system is driven by high precise servo motor which works full electric. Each coil axes has an unique ID. Depending on the remaining outside diameter of each coil the axes can be positioned
very close to create additional space. The system can be extended flexible to the requested requirements.

Flexible positioning by unique axis ID.

Each axis includes an unique ID. This system ensures that a coil can be positioned at any place within the storage.

Fully automatic 5 ton coil storage system


is also used for the 5 ton coil storage system. The standard version is designed for 16 5-ton coils in the double-row system. The storage system can also be extended to a three-track system. This then offers space for up to 24 coils. With the optional length extensions, the system can be expanded to more than 40 Coil storage spaces.


from Slinet does not use fixed coil positions. The positions are dynamically adapted to the coil diameters. Thanks to this flexible storage system, it is possible to store more coils in the same area, depending on the outside diameters of the coils in the system. The storage system is controlled electrically by servo technology. Each coil axis contains a unique ID. In addition, each axis in the storage system is driven and has a braking system. The system can be adapted to your requirements and can be extended further for more coil storage.