The Variobend Long-length bending machine - Model series EB

The EB models impress by their precise versatility and an attractive cost effectiveness. They combine the best of quality and easy operation.

Model series EB are powerful long-length bending machines. The patented bending system with the transverse rear-facing bending apron permits a diversity of profiles unprecedented up to now. The large free space created by the tilted bending apron enables the production of profiles which are only possible on VARIOBEND long-length bending machines. ASCO innovations, such as the conical bending and slotting of profiles, the segmented bending and clamping beams made of high-strength steel as well as the manual crown bow system, servo technology and the new arched top beam are available as options.

The EB models are available in lengths of 4 to 12 metres as well as with a bending capacity of 1.50 mm to 2.00 mm of steel sheet.

Apart from the precision of the edge parts, the focus of every purchase decision is on the production time as well. By means of the VARIOBEND V-TOUCH control included in the standard unit, your overall productivity is increased, which combines efficiency and user-friendliness in an unprecedented relationship. The software stands our for its user-friendliness and a clear structure. Any number of profiles and folders can be set up in profile management. They can be moved, copied or exported by a simple touch.

VARIOBEND 4.0 software solutions

Markets are subject to permanent change. In sheet metal forming, this also leads to an ever higher complexity of products and processes. Effective, highly flexible, but also user-friendly solutions are needed. The software solutions of ASCO will help you get a grip on precisely these challenges, reducing expenses in the process as well. Networked production reduces the risks of error and increases profitability.