VARIOBEND UP and DOWN Folder - model series DB

The DB models combine perfect interaction of precision and high speed. Using the VARIOBEND UP and DOWN Folder, you are unrivalled productive from programming to bending.

VARIOBEND UP and DOWN Folder of type DB is a high-performance long-length bending machine fitted with two folding beams. VARIOBEND innovations, such as the conical bending and slotting of profiles, the large opening height of the clamping beam, the segmented bending and clamping beams made of high-strength steel as well as the patented bending system with its inclined bending beams belong to the basic equipment of DB. The worldwide unique turning device is available for this model series as well.

The models are available in lengths of 4 to 12 metres as well as with a bending capacity of 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm of steel sheet.

Apart from its high bending performance, the model provides numerous technical possibility which lives up to the trend in every respect to produce evermore precise bent parts. Apart from the precision of the edge parts, the focus of every purchase decision is on the production time as well. During a change of the bending direction, for example, the required forward or backward movement of the clamping beam, the positioning of the back gauge and the closing of the clamping beam is carried out at the same time and in a correspondingly tight time slot. In combination with the servo technology used, these unique dynamics cause impressive and especially highly efficient movement patterns.

The electric clamp beam crowning is an outstanding feature. The fully-automatic crowning system eliminates overbending at the outer sides of the edge parts completely. This is achieved by positioning highly-precise servo drives independently from each other to each machine stand depending on type and thickness of material. If the user requests additional individual corrections, they can be carried out easily and very user-friendly by means of the VARIOBEND touch control. The clamp beam crowning and the servo technology is available for model series DB as an optional feature.

VARIOBEND 4.0 software solutions

Markets are subject to permanent change. In sheet metal forming, this also leads to an ever higher complexity of products and processes. Effective, highly flexible, but also user-friendly solutions are needed. The software solutions of ASCO will help you to get a grip on precisely these challenges, reducing expenses in the process as well. Networked production reduces the risks of error and increases profitability.