Snap Or Rebar Hook - Single Or Double Leg



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MAXSAFE® Expandable Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyards conform to ASNZS 1891.1 and are made from high tenacity polyester yarn, available in 1.8m lengths, with the choice of either Snap Hooks or Rebar Hooks as connectors and for either Single Leg or Double Leg.
These Lanyards are ideal for use in conditions where there are chances of the user tripping over the Lanyard. The elastic nature of the lanyard reduces the actual effective length of the lanyard thereby reducing trip hazards.

Lanyard 1.8m Single Leg Expandable - Energy Absorbing ANSI Steel Snap Hook.

Lanyard 1.8m Double Leg Expandable - Energy Absorbing ANSI Steel Snap & 2 Rebar Hooks. 

Suggested Uses:
Professional rescues on land, sea and air, confined spaces and underground works, construction, maintenance, servicing, scaffolding, farming, maritime, rural and urban.

A lanyard is a connecting element of a height safety system. Dependent on the use, lanyards are classified as follows: 
Work Positioning Lanyards, Restraint Lanyards, Fall Arrest Lanyards & Double Leg Lanyards. The Fall Arrest Lanyards incorporate a shock absorbing element which is capable of limiting the force on the body of the user to less than 6kN. MAXSAFE® offers a comprehensive range of lanyards made of Webbing, Kernmantle Rope or Steel Wire, with choices of different connectors, specific for the users' need. 
All Snap Hook and Rebar Hook attachments on MAXSAFE® Lanyards are ANSI/OSHA compliant. MAXSAFE® have made this choice of connection because they have been tested and proven to have the strongest load capacity in the world.