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PERKEO COPPER BITS209/2208/5 Cranked hammer208/ Shaped hammer


Designed To Warm Up Fast



$70.00 NZD ex GST


New design and faster warm-up!

The same high product quality, a new design and a faster warm-up due to an increase in surface area on the underside of the soldering iron are the result of close cooperation with a plumbing company that we know well.

The core drill holes and the chamfered edges on the underside of the copper bit increase the surface area to be warmed up. This facilitates a better distribution of the heart of the torch flame and enables a faster warm-up.

Rigid positioning of the soldering iron. The flattened rear face of the steel shaft prevents the soldering iron from turning away.

High thermal conductivity and retention due to cold-rolled electrolytic copper as base material.
Due to the ideal thermal transfer of the electrolytic copper, the soldering iron heats up to operational temperature in less than 45 seconds – in addition the base material guarantees maximum thermal retention and thereby achieves a lower gas consumption when soldering.
Cold-hammered copper bits made of high-quality electrolytic copper - available in hammer form, cranked hammer form or point form 350 g  - flat fixing pin prevents the bit from turning - long-lived - hammer form and cranked hammer form with 3 bores spaced at the bottom side for improving heat absorpation.

350g Models:

  • 208/2    Hammer form
  • 208/5    Cranked hammer form
  • 209/2    Point form