Meet the team


Martin Beskid

Martin Beskid

The Boss - Founder and super-brain of FRIBESCO

Any questions about roofing, materials, tools or machines? Ask him!

Martin brings over 25 years of experience in European-style roofing and sheet metal work! A lot of knowledge is up in that brain! Time to share it - Martin is our Master teacher on our training courses.

If he is not on Facebook feeding our page with brainiac roofing stuff he probably enjoys a chilled beer on his arty new deck or is on the water kiteboarding.


Alexandra Beskid

Alexandra Beskid

Co-Founder of Fribesco and runs the show behind the scene

Alex grew up in Zurich, Switzerland where she felt a bit trapped in between the high mountains. In 2009 she came to Nelson with Martin where they spent a couple of years before moving to Auckland where they established Fribesco. 5 years later time was right to relocate back to Nelson. She loves living close to the sea, hiking, being outdoors in general and traveling. 

She is in charge of all the imports & exports and takes care of any other customer service-related matters and coordinates the Elf-Team

Stef Hardtner

Stef Hardtner

Our master organizer of training courses

Stef, originally from beautiful Ravensburg in Germany, has spent the last 20 years in NZ and calls Nelson her home now. She loves the outdoors in and around Nelson and has a black belt in karate - do not muck around with her!

She is taking care of our online shop and is one of our little helpful elf at the warehouse dispatching your orders. Further, she became a master organizer of our training courses.

Penny Royal

Penny Royal

Our Master of Design

Do you like our new look? It might have to do with our talented arty Penny that joined our elf team in early 2019. Since then she has slowly over time revamped most of our brochures, layouts, Facebook page and other online platforms. Great to have her on board!



Martina Staubli



Martina joined the Fribesco-Team in April 2021. Behind the scenes, she takes care of the payment of wages and does the accounting for New Zealand and Australia. She also looks after the Australian customers in all administrative matters - from ordering to delivery and invoicing.
Her plan to study English in New Zealand for just 12 weeks changed when she came to Nelson in January 2020, she immediately fell in love with the city and the country and had to stay here.

When I’m not at work you can find me at the beach or hiking. SCUBA diving and horse riding are also a nice balance to the daily work routine. Or I swing the dancing leg, smile.

Gabriel Vilaca

Gabriel Vilaca

Meet Gabriel… our newest Fribesco team member

He is our new warehouse assistant, basically helping to keep the warehouse organized and also receiving and sending goods.

Gabriel qualified in administration and used to work as a technical adviser in Brazil. He originally only came to NZ with his partner to study English for 6 months. But they fell in love with NZ and with the pandemic changing everything around the world, they have decided to stay longer, lucky us!


Roland Goos

Roland Goos

Our newest Fribesco team member

He estimates quotes and supports the sales and marketing team.⁠ As a German-trained cabinet maker, he has a good basic understanding of our tools and machinery.

Roland moved here with his wife 16 years ago after falling in love with NZ in 1998. He is a passionate sailor and spends a lot of time on his beautiful old sailing boat, either sailing or fixing her. Also, he and his wife travel around NZ a lot in their cute wee kiwi caravan.

Franck Espagnet

Franck Espagnet

Instructor Number 2

Franck is originally from Bordeaux in France where he studied roofing for 8 years. He has lived in Auckland since 2002, where he worked with Martin on various projects before, Fribesco offered Franck the chance to teach roofing to keen students. He jumped at the opportunity, eager to share his expertise and skills.
«I have always been told to either be part of the problem or the solution, with Fribesco I know that I am part of the solution»


Jackson our guard


The Guardian

Jackson joined our team 5 years ago. He is our doorbell and gives all our clients and couriers a hearty woofing welcome. He loves to entertain us during the day but never forgets to double-check that we do all our jobs right!