Sustainability: Buy it once, buy it right

With every dollar you spend, you send a signal to the market about your expectations on the values, sustainability and performance behind products and services.

There has never been a more fruitful time to align your purchasing with your private and business values.

Increasingly, consumers are looking to their suppliers to not only reflect but improve their own sustainability performance.

By minimizing waste, everyone can reduce the amount that goes to landfill, save money on disposal costs, and lower the demand for resources. This will help create a low carbon circular economy. Consumers have the power to make a difference!

The FRIBESCO philosophy is to make a difference. We hand-pick suppliers, who are mostly family owned companies or Co-ops.

Suppliers, who produce sustainable tools in sustainable environments. We said to ourselves, if they have been around for generations, they will be in business for generations to come. They are not in it for a quick dollar.

Knowing exactly where the tools are made and that every single one undergoes quality control before shipment, gives us the confidence to import and distribute halfway around the world.

We need to be sure, that not a single inadequate item makes its way unnecessarily to New Zealand, just to end up in the bin. To date, our suppliers have not disappointed us. While travelling to several trade shows in Germany in the past few years, we were welcomed and shown around these factories. You could feel employees and executives alike were proud of their products.

Our philosophy is not only to avoid waste, but to offer long lasting, high quality tools, that have stood the test of time. Superb tools and machines do not need to be replaced often, if at all. All wear and tear parts can be replaced easily. Therefore, money is saved by the consumer, the environment is respected, and the economy is sustained. A difference made!

When buying a product, the price should not be the deciding factor, however, the life cycle should also be considered. If a tool lasts 4x longer, but costs twice the price, it is still cheaper in the long run. In addition to this, waste and carbon footprint is minimalized.

Here a simple example:

A pair of Midwest snips cost approx. $60 incl. GST and they last approx. 6-12 month. An equal pair of Bessey D29-ASS costs $136.00 and lasts 2-3 years.

Breaking the costs down over 12 months, you will see it is $60-$120 for Midwest a year, or $45-$68 a year for a pair of Bessey.

A European saying goes like this: if you have the right tools, the job is half done already

Therefore, buy it once, buy it right.