Introducing your new favorite quoting tool... QEST!

Get a FREE 30 day trial   

Quantify your job in 5 minutes with this easy to use program! Simply upload a pdf plan, image, satellite image or photo into the program - Simple as!
QEST is a powerful and comprehensive estimating tool for all trades, both large and small.
Full Video Training and Product Documentation is provided when you become a subscriber to the software.

The software is super-easy to use. So easy, your mum can use it! Import an image, set the scale and trace.
Self-train in minutes and quickly produce material lists.
Now anyone within your business can be a professional estimator, freeing you up to work 'on' the business, rather than for it. Training provided!

The software calculates the area or length of panels, shingles, tiles, boards, flashings, pavers, bricks or anything you require for flat or sloping planes.
The customizing of materials provide complex estimates with all your parts and pieces simultaneously.
You can work in metres, mm, feet and inches or any combination of these in the one job.

It runs on either Windows or Mac. You can send files and reports between Windows and Mac without the need to reformat.
All this for a monthly subscription of only USD$30.00!

** By using this software you are supporting the further development of the Roofing and Cladding Academy of NZ, providing specialist roofing and cladding training for New Zealand and Australian Roofers.**




Hey Guys i downloaded the 30 day trial but it is not working and is asking for a key?

19 March 202218:59

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